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Element: degree [group harmony-chord]


The degree type is used to add, alter, or subtract individual notes in the chord. The print-object attribute can be used to keep the degree from printing separately when it has already taken into account in the text attribute of the kind element. The degree-value and degree-type text attributes specify how the value and type of the degree should be displayed.
A harmony of kind "other" can be spelled explicitly by using a series of degree elements together with a root.

Derived By

Type degree

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
print-object  yes-no  No 
Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
degree-value  degree-value  1..1 

The content of the degree-value type is a number indicating the degree of the chord (1 for the root, 3 for third, etc). The text attribute specifies how the type of the degree should be displayed in a score. The degree-value symbol attribute indicates that a symbol should be used in specifying the degree. If the symbol attribute is present, the value of the text attribute follows the symbol.

degree-alter  degree-alter  1..1 

The degree-alter type represents the chromatic alteration for the current degree. If the degree-type value is alter or subtract, the degree-alter value is relative to the degree already in the chord based on its kind element. If the degree-type value is add, the degree-alter is relative to a dominant chord (major and perfect intervals except for a minor seventh). The plus-minus attribute is used to indicate if plus and minus symbols should be used instead of sharp and flat symbols to display the degree alteration; it is no by default.

degree-type  degree-type  1..1 

The degree-type type indicates if this degree is an addition, alteration, or subtraction relative to the kind of the current chord. The value of the degree-type element affects the interpretation of the value of the degree-alter element. The text attribute specifies how the type of the degree should be displayed in a score.

Referenced By

      <harmony default-y="40">



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