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Element: directive


Directives are like directions, but can be grouped together with attributes for convenience. This is typically used for tempo markings at the beginning of a piece of music. This element has been deprecated in Version 2.0 in favor of the directive attribute for direction elements. Language names come from ISO 639, with optional country subcodes from ISO 3166.

Derived By

Extending xs:string

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
default-x  tenths  No 
default-y  tenths  No 
relative-x  tenths  No 
relative-y  tenths  No 
font-family  comma-separated-text  No 
font-style  font-style  No 
font-size  font-size  No 
font-weight  font-weight  No 
color  color  No 
xml:lang  xs:anySimpleType (union)  No  Attempting to install the relevant ISO 2- and 3-letter codes as the enumerated possible values is probably never going to be a realistic possibility.  See RFC 3066 at and the IANA registry at for further information.  The union allows for the 'un-declaration' of xml:lang with the empty string.
Content Model

Contains text only.

Referenced By

See attributes


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