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Element: distance


The distance element represents standard distances between notation elements in tenths.

Derived By

Type distance

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
type  distance-type  Yes  The type attribute defines what type of distance is being defined. Valid values include hyphen (for hyphens in lyrics) and beam.
Content Model

Contains text only.

Referenced By
      <line-width type="stem">0.957</line-width>
      <line-width type="beam">5</line-width>
      <line-width type="staff">1.25</line-width>
      <line-width type="light barline">1.4583</line-width>
      <line-width type="heavy barline">5</line-width>
      <line-width type="leger">1.875</line-width>
      <line-width type="ending">1.4583</line-width>
      <line-width type="wedge">0.9375</line-width>
      <line-width type="enclosure">1.4583</line-width>
      <line-width type="tuplet bracket">1.4583</line-width>
      <note-size type="grace">50</note-size>
      <note-size type="cue">50</note-size>
      <distance type="hyphen">60</distance>
      <distance type="beam">8</distance>


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