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Element: frame-note


The frame-note type represents each note included in the frame. An open string will have a fret value of 0, while a muted string will not be associated with a frame-note element.

Derived By

Type frame-note

Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
string  string  1..1 

Fret and string are used with tablature notation and chord symbols. Fret numbers start with 0 for an open string and 1 for the first fret. String numbers start with 1 for the highest string. The string element can also be used in regular notation.

fret  fret  1..1 

The fret element is used with tablature notation and chord diagrams. Fret numbers start with 0 for an open string and 1 for the first fret.

fingering  fingering  0..1 

Fingering is typically indicated 1,2,3,4,5. Multiple fingerings may be given, typically to substitute fingerings in the middle of a note. The substitution and alternate values are "no" if the attribute is not present. For guitar and other fretted instruments, the fingering element represents the fretting finger; the pluck element represents the plucking finger.

barre  barre  0..1 

The barre element indicates placing a finger over multiple strings on a single fret.

Referenced By

      <harmony default-y="110" font-family="Arial">
        <kind halign="center" text="">major</kind>
        <frame default-y="93" halign="center" unplayed="x" valign="top">



See frame


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