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Element: instrument


The instrument type distinguishes between score-instrument elements in a score-part. The id attribute is an IDREF back to the score-instrument ID. If multiple score-instruments are specified on a score-part, there should be an instrument element for each note in the part.

Derived By

Type instrument

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
id  xs:IDREF  Yes 
Content Model

Always empty.

Referenced By

      <part-name>Snare Drum</part-name>
      <score-instrument id="P1-X12">
        <instrument-name>Stick Clicks</instrument-name>
      <note default-x="303">
        <instrument id="P1-X12"/>
        <stem default-y="34.5">up</stem>
        <beam number="1">begin</beam>
        <lyric default-y="-60" number="1">
          <text font-size="7.2">R</text>

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