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Element: notehead


The notehead element indicates shapes other than the open and closed ovals associated with note durations. For the enclosed shapes, the default is to be hollow for half notes and longer, and filled otherwise.

Derived By

Type notehead

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
filled  yes-no  No  The filled attribute can be set to change the hollow/filled appearance of a notehead.
parentheses  yes-no  No  If the parentheses attribute is set to yes, the notehead is parenthesized. It is no by default.
font-family  comma-separated-text  No 
font-style  font-style  No 
font-size  font-size  No 
font-weight  font-weight  No 
color  color  No 
Content Model

Contains text only.

Referenced By

      <note default-x="49">
        <stem default-y="5.5">up</stem>


See note


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