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Element: root [group harmony-chord]


The root type indicates a pitch like C, D, E vs. a function indication like I, II, III. It is used with chord symbols in popular music. The root element has a root-step and optional root-alter element similar to the step and alter elements, but renamed to distinguish the different musical meanings.

Derived By

Type root

Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
root-step  root-step  1..1 

The root-step type represents the pitch step of the root of the current chord within the harmony element.

root-alter  root-alter  0..1 

The root-alter type represents the chromatic alteration of the root of the current chord within the harmony element. In some chord styles, the text for the root-step element may include root-alter information. In that case, the print-object attribute of the root-alter element can be set to no.

Referenced By

      <harmony default-y="27" font-family="Arial">

        <kind halign="center" text="">major</kind>


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