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Element: scaling


Margins, page sizes, and distances are all measured in tenths to keep MusicXML data in a consistent coordinate system as much as possible. The translation to absolute units is done with the scaling type, which specifies how many millimeters are equal to how many tenths. For a staff height of 7 mm, millimeters would be set to 7 while tenths is set to 40. The ability to set a formula rather than a single scaling factor helps avoid roundoff errors.

Derived By

Type scaling

Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
millimeters  millimeters  1..1  The millimeters type is a number representing millimeters. This is used in the scaling element to provide a default scaling from tenths to physical units.
tenths  tenths  1..1  The tenths type is a number representing tenths of interline staff space (positive or negative). Both integer and decimal values are allowed, such as 5 for a half space and 2.5 for a quarter space. Interline space is measured from the middle of a staff line. Distances in a MusicXML file are measured in tenths of staff space. Tenths are then scaled to millimeters within the scaling element, used in the defaults element at the start of a score. Individual staves can apply a scaling factor to adjust staff size. When a MusicXML element or attribute refers to tenths, it means the global tenths defined by the scaling element, not the local tenths as adjusted by the staff-size element.
Referenced By

      <page-margins type="both">
      <line-width type="stem">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="beam">5</line-width>
      <line-width type="staff">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="light barline">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="heavy barline">5</line-width>
      <line-width type="leger">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="ending">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="wedge">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="enclosure">0.7487</line-width>
      <line-width type="tuplet bracket">0.7487</line-width>
      <note-size type="grace">60</note-size>
      <note-size type="cue">60</note-size>
      <distance type="hyphen">120</distance>
      <distance type="beam">8</distance>
    <music-font font-family="Maestro,engraved" font-size="41"/>
    <word-font font-family="Times New Roman" font-size="20.5"/>
    <lyric-font font-family="Times New Roman" font-size="20.5"/>

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