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Element: staff-details


The staff-details element is used to indicate different types of staves.

Derived By

Type staff-details

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
number  staff-number  No  The optional number attribute specifies the staff number from top to bottom on the system, as with clef.
show-frets  show-frets  No  Indicates whether to show fret numbers or fret letters. If not specified, numbers is used.
print-object  yes-no  No 
print-spacing  yes-no  No 
Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
staff-type  staff-type  0..1  The staff-type value can be ossia, cue, editorial, regular, or alternate. An alternate staff indicates one that shares the same musical data as the prior staff, but displayed differently (e.g., treble and bass clef, standard notation and tab).
staff-lines  xs:nonNegativeInteger  0..1  The staff-lines element specifies the number of lines for a non 5-line staff.
staff-tuning  staff-tuning  0..* 

The staff-tuning type specifies the open, non-capo tuning of the lines on a tablature staff.

capo  xs:nonNegativeInteger  0..1 

The capo element indicates at which fret a capo should be placed on a fretted instrument. This changes the open tuning of the strings specified by staff-tuning by the specified number of half-steps.

staff-size  non-negative-decimal  0..1  The staff-size element indicates how large a staff space is on this staff, expressed as a percentage of the work's default scaling. Values less than 100 make the staff space smaller while values over 100 make the staff space larger. A staff-type of cue, ossia, or editorial implies a staff-size of less than 100, but the exact value is implementation-dependent unless specified here. Staff size affects staff height only, not the relationship of the staff to the left and right margins.
Referenced By


        <key print-object="no">
          <staff-tuning line="1">
          <staff-tuning line="2">
          <staff-tuning line="3">
          <staff-tuning line="4">
          <staff-tuning line="5">
          <staff-tuning line="6">


Hidden staff

To hide the staff:

        <staff-details print-object="no"/>

To have it appear again:

        <staff-details print-object="yes"/>


See attributes


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