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Element: supports


The supports type indicates if a MusicXML encoding supports a particular MusicXML element. This is recommended for elements like beam, stem, and accidental, where the absence of an element is ambiguous if you do not know if the encoding supports that element. For Version 2.0, the supports element is expanded to allow programs to indicate support for particular attributes or particular values. This lets applications communicate, for example, that all system and/or page breaks are contained in the MusicXML file.

Derived By

Type supports

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
type  yes-no  Yes 
element  xs:NMTOKEN  Yes 
attribute  xs:NMTOKEN  No 
value  xs:token  No 
Content Model

Always empty.

Referenced By
    <creator type="composer"Ludwig van Beethoven</creator>
      <software>Finale 2012 for Windows</software>
      <software>Dolet Light for Finale 2012</software>
      <supports attribute="new-system" element="print" type="yes" value="yes"/>
      <supports attribute="new-page" element="print" type="yes" value="yes"/>

See encoding


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