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Element: extend


The extend type represents lyric word extension / melisma lines as well as figured bass extensions.

Derived By

Type extend

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
type  start-stop-continue  No  The optional type attribute was added in Version 3.0 to provide better formatting control.
default-x  tenths  No 
default-y  tenths  No 
relative-x  tenths  No 
relative-y  tenths  No 
font-family  comma-separated-text  No 
font-style  font-style  No 
font-size  font-size  No 
font-weight  font-weight  No 
color  color  No 
Content Model

Always empty.

Referenced By

      <figured-bass default-y="-80">
            <extend type="start"/>
      <note default-x="109">
        <stem default-y="10.5">up</stem>
          <extend type="stop"/>
      <note default-x="175">
        <stem default-y="-55">down</stem>

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