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Element: figured-bass [group music-data]


The figured-bass element represents figured bass notation. Figured bass elements take their position from the first regular note (not a grace note or chord note) that follows in score order. The optional duration element is used to indicate changes of figures under a note.
Figures are ordered from top to bottom. The value of parentheses is "no" if not present.

Derived By

Type figured-bass

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
default-x  tenths  No 
default-y  tenths  No 
relative-x  tenths  No 
relative-y  tenths  No 
font-family  comma-separated-text  No 
font-style  font-style  No 
font-size  font-size  No 
font-weight  font-weight  No 
color  color  No 
print-object  yes-no  No 
print-dot  yes-no  No 
print-spacing  yes-no  No 
print-lyric  yes-no  No 
parentheses  yes-no  No 
Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
figure  figure  1..* 

The figure type represents a single figure within a figured-bass element.

duration  positive-divisions  1..1  Duration is a positive number specified in division units. This is the intended duration vs. notated duration (for instance, swing eighths vs. even eighths, or differences in dotted notes in Baroque-era music). Differences in duration specific to an interpretation or performance should use the note element's attack and release attributes.
footnote  formatted-text  1..1  The footnote element specifies editorial information that appears in footnotes in the printed score. It is defined within a group due to its multiple uses within the MusicXML schema.
level  level  1..1  The level type is used to specify editorial information for different MusicXML elements.
Referenced By

      <figured-bass default-y="-80">


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