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Element: suffix


Values for the suffix element include the accidental values sharp, flat, natural, double-sharp, flat-flat, and sharp-sharp. Suffixes include both symbols that come after the figure number and those that overstrike the figure number. The suffix value slash is used for slashed numbers indicating chromatic alteration. The orientation and display of the slash usually depends on the figure number. The suffix element may contain additional values for symbols specific to particular figured bass styles.

Derived By

Type style-text

Name  Type  Required?  Default  Description 
default-x  tenths  No 
default-y  tenths  No 
relative-x  tenths  No 
relative-y  tenths  No 
font-family  comma-separated-text  No 
font-style  font-style  No 
font-size  font-size  No 
font-weight  font-weight  No 
color  color  No 
Content Model

Contains text only.

Referenced By

      <figured-bass default-y="-80">


      <figured-bass default-y="-80">


See figure


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