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Element: system-layout [group layout]


A system is a group of staves that are read and played simultaneously. System layout includes left and right margins and the vertical distance from the previous system. The system distance is measured from the bottom line of the previous system to the top line of the current system. It is ignored for the first system on a page. The top system distance is measured from the page's top margin to the top line of the first system. It is ignored for all but the first system on a page.
Sometimes the sum of measure widths in a system may not equal the system width specified by the layout elements due to roundoff or other errors. The behavior when reading MusicXML files in these cases is application-dependent. For instance, applications may find that the system layout data is more reliable than the sum of the measure widths, and adjust the measure widths accordingly.

Derived By

Type system-layout

Content Model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component  Type  Occurs  Default  Description 
system-margins  system-margins  0..1  System margins are relative to the page margins. Positive values indent and negative values reduce the margin size.
system-distance  tenths  0..1 
top-system-distance  tenths  0..1 
system-dividers  system-dividers  0..1 

The system-dividers element indicates the presence or absence of system dividers (also known as system separation marks) between systems displayed on the same page. Dividers on the left and right side of the page are controlled by the left-divider and right-divider elements respectively. The default vertical position is half the system-distance value from the top of the system that is below the divider. The default horizontal position is the left and right system margin, respectively. When used in the print element, the system-dividers element affects the dividers that would appear between the current system and the previous system.

Referenced By
      <page-margins type="both">


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